tisdag 25 juni 2013

New single release by The Tranq

We are proud to present the new single from The Tranq. The single is also loaded with a remix by Coconut Slaying. Enjoy!

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/the-tranq/sets/my-heart-is-a-yo-yo 
Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/artist/0OOr8nuHutNaws6RbHWLGN
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sw-ne25AoY
Some early reviews and media:  http://www.thetranq.com/?page_id=499
More info: http://www.thetranq.com

Everything happens for a reason. You can't keep your eyes closed forever. Sweden's 2nd biggest lake, Vättern, is under threat. Mining companies and Swedish law is about to corrupt what is one of Europe's largest sources of drinking water. This is just one out of many every day examples of shortscale thinking and greed without boundaries. The loss is for the masses.

And with this we all have to engage in society around us. "My Heart Is A Yo-Yo" is the first single taken from Swedish alternative outfit The Tranq's forthcoming debut album. It's about taking a stand for what you believe in and it's a celebration to all people who's trying to make the world a better place.

Grounded in politics, The Tranq delivers a punch to themselves and to a system taking us into a darker future. "My Heart Is A Yo-Yo" is the first commentary on our society and the starting point for a debut album that takes us on a trip through life, politics and love.

onsdag 14 december 2011

New release - The Tranq - Peninsula EP KM002

Swedish The Tranq is releasing their debut EP - “Peninsula EP” - on their own label Kaarberg Music. The EP contains four songs recorded in the legendary studio Music-a-Matic in Gothenburg, Sweden – where artists like Håkan Hellström, The Knife and Soundtrack Of Our Lives have recorded some of their albums. Robin Rudén is the producer for “Peninsula EP”.
Inspired by 80s´ alternative rock, The Tranq takes a big step into an even more developed sound picture. The lyrics are subtle but with a clear criticism of todays society. The Tranq has previously played as opening act for Swedish artist Erik Hassle, and played at renowned clubs like Pet Sounds Bar and Debaser Medis in Stockholm, as well as the music festival Live at Heart. While promoting the new EP, The Tranq is also busy writing new songs for their full length album, set to be recorded during 2012.
The release also includes a music video for the opening song “Kalinga”, where dramatic whale song-guitars clashes with the indie club dancefloor. During spring 2012, all the songs of “Peninsula EP” will be accompanied by videos.

Listen to Peninsula EP:

Watch the video for Kalinga:

For more info, check out www.thetranq.com as well.

måndag 28 mars 2011

First release ever! The Tranq - Tramontane/The Demagogue KM001

We’re really happy to announce the release of our double a-side “Tramontane / The Demagogue” . We hope you like it. The songs will be available through Spotify and iTunes within the next couple of weeks. If you still prefer physical records – let us know and we’ll throw one in the mail for you as soon as they hit the shelves.

And here’s the official, swedish, press release:
De egenartade hybrid-poparna i The Tranq skickar ut sin debutsingel. Här blandas pop med folk- och worldmusik; aviga chorusgitarrer med knarriga fioler och stora sångmelodier. I gränslandet mellan by och stad förmedlar The Tranq en avig historia om förväntningar, besvikelse och påverkan i en samhällelig kontext. The Tranq’s debutsingel släpps nu på Kaarberg Music. Singeln kommer inom ett par veckor att lanseras digitalt via alla stora distributionstjänster som iTunes och Spotify samt som fysiskt exemplar. Vill du ha den fysiska skivan kan du förhandsboka här så skickar vi ett ex direkt! Redan idag kan du lyssna på låtarna på thetranq.com, www.myspace.com/thetranq och The Tranq’s Facebook-sida.
Med kärlek!
Kaarberg Music

fredag 25 mars 2011

On air

Kaarberg Music is now launched on the internet. We will produce news and upcoming releases right here!

The very first release KM001 is the single from The Tranq.